The Cause of Lakeland Bat Odor

The Lakeland bats are mammals that are known for their voracious appetite. The variety of bats that are found in the US will mostly eat a huge amount of insects. It will sometimes roost in the crawl areas of our house like our barns and attics. While roosting here, they will often leave their body excrement such as urine and droppings. You will be able to smell the stench of their droppings long after you remove the source of the problem.

Different Causes of the Bat Odor
You need to know how to properly eliminate the suffocating scent of the bat guano. Apart from this, you also should ensure that the microorganisms found in the bat guano have been eradicated. This will guarantee that your house will remain safe for you and your entire family.

The Guano
Most bats will congregate in a large number. Due to this, the bat guano can easily accumulate. This will produce a rancid and powerful scent that resembles the odor of ammonia. Once the guano started to decompose, the smell that it will produce will be offensive. The droppings of the bat can pile up considerably that it can even lead to the collapse of your attic. Their excrement can also drip out of our ceilings that will make our house appear unsanitary. These can also lead to the transmission of various diseases such as Histoplasmosis. Once the droppings dried out the fungal spores will be released into the air that may cause different types of infectious illnesses.

The Lakeland Bat Itself
Once the Lakeland bat urinates, their body will be soaked with their urine since they are roosting upside down. This will create a smell of ammonia that resembles a nursing home. In case the ammonia-like scent is too strong, you might want to check the void of your walls or your attic to see if you have bats dwelling in your house.

Removing the Odor
First, you will have to wear proper clothing and respirator. Remember that the excrements and fecal matters of the bats will contain fungal spores. Their inflammation will infect our joints, bones, and skins. Spray the bat dropping with water and leave it for 5 minutes. This will prevent the fungus from being carried through the air. For the droppings that are on the ground, you can simply scoop it with a dustpan. Place the droppings inside the trash bag and seal it.

All fabrics and insulations that have been contaminated with the Lakeland bat urine and droppings should be removed. This will eliminate the fungus that may cause Histoplasmosis. Mix one portion of bleach to 2 parts water and then place the cleaning solution inside the spray bottle. You will then spray the areas that have been contaminated with this cleaning solution.

In order to stay away from similar problems in the future, you will have to deal with the real cause of your bat infestation. You can hire the service of the professional bat removal service that will effectively get rid of the problem.

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