How to Catch a Lakeland Raccoon without a Trap

Raccoons are our clever guests from the wild. They have the capacity to avoid any form of entrapment. In case you are looking for ways on how you can catch them without using a trap, you came to the right place. We will discuss some of the best ways on how you can capture them if the conventional type of trap is not available.

Guide on Catching a Lakeland Raccoon without Using a Trap
Before you even start catching a raccoon, you need to do your assignment and find out about the state laws and regulations that are protecting these wildlife creatures. You should also find out if using your preferred method is legal in your area. After this, you can now start looking for the tracks of the raccoon.

Look for their Tracks
You should be alert once you notice some signs of Lakeland raccoon infestation such as their droppings and footprints. These elements will help you determine the place where the creature usually moves. You should also look for visible signs of damages such as claw and teeth marks. It is so important to determine the location of their activity to increase the possibility of catching them.

Using Homemade Device
Since raccoons are known to be a crafty creature, they can easily avoid the traps that we will set. This is why you also need to be creative when capturing them. You may create a homemade device that can effectively catch this creature. Using garbage can and cinder blocks can be effective against this creature. However, be sure to check it every morning to guarantee that the creature will not die from starvation or dehydration. Once you successfully capture the raccoon, you will need to relocate them.

The key to capturing them is by using effective bait. Lakeland raccoons may be a clever but they have a predictive nature. By using irresistible bait, catching them should never be an issue. Try to find bait that releases a strong stench. Make sure that it has the ability catch the interest of the creature even if they are far from the bait. Dish and marshmallow would be a great option. Some people prefer to add chemicals that induce sleepiness to their bait. Once the animal fell asleep, they will call the help of the animal relocation company to deal with the creature.

Once you successfully captured a raccoon, the next step is to talk with the wildlife removal services since they are well aware on how to dispose or relocate this nuisance creature. Regardless if you are carrying an alive or dead creature, each state carries a law that protects them. There are also some limitations in relocating them to another place.

After the raccoon made it inside our home, it is recommended to seek the help of the experts. The situation can be more complex if we are dealing with the mother raccoon with litters. Eliminating the female raccoon may not solve your problem. In fact, it may exacerbate your wildlife infestation issues.

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